The Glockenspiel

clockRJThe Glockenspiel ‘plays’ daily at 10 am, 1.00 pmĀ  3.00 p.m and 7.00 p.m.

It can be easily viewed from the footpath on Broadway (State Highway 3) opposite the clocktower.

The glockenspiel performs for approximately 5 minutes, after the hour chimes are finished.

Manganui Gorge

dawsonfallsDrive to the Plateau, spectacular views of the Manganui Gorge and the main peak are gained after only 15 to 20 miinutes from your car.

The Dawson Falls
Dawson Falls area has become noted for its scenery and the half day walks are a major attraction for both young and old. All of these tracks are clearly marked with colour coded signs and direction markers, and the entrance to the bush area has a large diagrammatic map showing where each track goes and approximately how long each takes to walk.

The Manganui Skifield
The Stratford ski-field is located at the end of Pembroke Road at East Egmont.
A club field, the ski area is relatively small and low and operates for up to three months of the year.