Stratford Central Business District

Broadway SouthThe Stratford district is an excellent area to establish a business or purchase products.

The town is centrally located in the province of Taranaki, which is centrally located between Auckland and Wellington, on the junction of State Highway 3 and 43. It is also on the junction of the railway lines between New Plymouth and Marton and Stratford and Taumarunui.

The town was established as a rural support business area with a wealthy farming community surrounding it.
With almost 10,000 vehicles per day passing through the main street, it has the opportunity to provide a steady flow of customers for most business interests.

Residential and commercial property is exceptionally affordable considering the strategic location of the town.
The majority of the population of Taranaki is within 30 minutes of the town.

Northbound and southbound commercial bus services pass through the town daily.
The district has a number of successful gas and oil wells and a major Gas-Fired power Station was completed in 1999.